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As a professional freight forwarder and shipping agent, Regal World Transport specialises in tailoring sound logistic plans to meet your needs.

Why do you need a freight forwarder?

Many businesses need to ship goods and import/export. That requires a lot of paperwork, regulation processes, and other duties related to the taxes and corporation. Instead of going through all the processes, you can hire a freight forwarder. They will handle the taxes and transport your goods for you. Freight forwarders are basically managers who take care of the importing, exporting, and shipping. Regal World Services has forwarders who will work for you and finish the job. Freight forwarders will not work with you directly, but partner with your company to do the work. The freight services will manage each and every shipping detail. There are small and large forwarders, depending on the transporting size. Small forwarders take care of the road transportations and work with companies handling truck deliveries, and large forwarders look after the import/export through air and sea. We take care of the various parties involved in the transportation.

Why do you need a shipping agent? 

A shipping agent is the manager of a shipping transaction. The agent takes care of the transactions of every ship that enters or leaves a dock. They receive the orders from ships, manage the local currency, and handle any ship repairs and other related work. A busy company finds it laborious to manage all those responsibilities. Therefore, they partner with a shipping agent to finish the work for them. Every order and shipment involves a lot of paperwork. The amount of paperwork and documents depends on the type of service, whether on land or air or sea. Regal World Services has shipping agents who will manage the work for you. We take care of all the paperwork, and complete the clearance and immigration documents. Our agents will handle the ship bookings, arrange the entrancing and exiting from the port and handle the crewmember's information. Apart from managing the vessel and the crew members, a shipping agent needs to gain their trust and satisfy them with their actual needs. He/she should also maintain the assurance to their partnered company. Maintaining their trust and goodwill will secure the agent's clientele. Regal World Services has members who have experience in their field of duty, and will bring you excellent results.

Advantages of having a freight forwarder or a shipping agent

There are many problems when a company opts to expand their business and starts importing and exporting their goods. There are many ways in which a company loses or gains customers. There are issues regarding the security of the goods and also the workers. The company needs to take the responsibility of the expenditures in case of failure. So, by partnering with a company, you are offered a manager who will take care of all the issues and problems. Instead of hiring many members for different jobs, you can hire a freight forwarder or a shipping agent according to your needed service. Our freight forwarders will ensure efficient delivery of the goods and keep track of them. Having the record of the goods will help us know their status to be able to calculate the time accordingly. Shipping agents will keep up with the services and take care of the formal procedures and customs obligations. We take care of the cargo so the goods are delivered on time and are cost-efficient.

Why choose Regal World Services?

If you're considering expanding your services to other parts of the globe and increasing your profits, you will have to undergo hectic work and loads of documents. We will take care of all that heavy paperwork in less time and money. Our managers will handle international trade and use their experience working with various documentation steps required for international transportation. We started our company in 1999, having worked in the field for about 21 years. We have our foreign agent contacts and other networks to set up the import routes per your needs. Our export managers are certified with IMDG hazmat and IATA/FIATA certificates. Our freight forwarders and shipping agents have worked with all types of cargo. Fill out a form on our website and contact us. We will reach out to you within two working days.

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Freight Forwarder Company

International freight forwarding business as an agent engaged in international freight forwarding business, is an international freight forwarding companies to accept out of the cargo consignee, consignor or his agent's commission to the client or their own name for the business, agency fees charged to or commission of the act.

Freight forwarding company as an independent operator engaged in international freight forwarding business, refers to the international freight forwarding companies to accept out of the cargo consignee, consignor or his agent's commission, the issue of transport documents, to perform the contract of carriage and freight charges and service charges behavior.