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They arrange cargo movement to an international destination. An international freight forwarder company has the expertise and knows how to prepare and process the documentation and perform related activities relating to international shipments.

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An international freight forwarder has the expertise to process the documentation relating to international shipments.

A freight forwarder is a company that acts as a third-party logistics provider that dispatches shipments via a carrier. In other words they organize shipments for individuals or other companies and their job to arrange space for these shipments. Sometimes some of these freight forwarder companies may act as a carrier themselves. Types of carriers include ships, airplanes, trucks, and railroads. An international freight forwarder is an agent for the exporter and can move cargo from “dock-to-door.

A freight forwarder's services include advising on exporting costs including freight costs, port charges, costs of different types of documentation, insurance costs and freight handling fees. They prepare and file required export documentation such as the bill of lading and routing of appropriate documents to the seller, the buyer or a paying bank. They are able to advise on the most appropriate mode of cargo transport and making arrangements to pack and load the cargo. They reserve the necessary cargo space on a vessel, aircraft, train, or truck. In addition the freight forwarder makes arrangements with overseas customs brokers to ensure that the goods and documents comply with customs regulations.