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Regal World Transport is your trusted partner for office and company relocation. Our well-trained team would take care of all the hassles for your next big step.

Office Relocation Company- Regal World Transport

Regal World Transport is your trusted partner for office and company relocation. Our well-trained team would take care of all the hassles for your next big step.

Office and Company Relocation Service

Regal World has been offering high-quality company and office relocation services for a long time. It is the leading relocation company in Hong Kong which is also the best choice for international relocations as well. 

Office relocation has become a genuine matter of concern nowadays. People need to relocate their offices for several reasons, such as financial considerations or social considerations. It doesn't matter why you are willing to relocate your office, but while choosing an office relocation company, it is important to go for the best so that all your important merchandise as well as the information stays intact without any damage. Even a minor damage while the office relocation process can create difficulties for you. Regal World is a reputed relocation company that has been offering relocation services for quite a long time and has become a brand in the market in Hong Kong. Because of our highly professional and experienced team members, this relocation company has successfully done several relocations without any single damage. 

Why you should choose Regal World as a reliable office relocation company in Hong Kong?

Experienced team members

As the leading relocation company, we have highly-experienced and professional team members who have been there in this market for quite a long time and are aware of every relocation rule and process. Our team is specialized in office relocation and will give you no chance to complain.

We use high-quality technology and mechanisms for office relocation purposes. Being one of the most reliable relocation companies, we make sure to use the most advanced technology to offer our clients an errorless service. That's why we never compromise with technology. 

Clear documents

We provide our clients with clear documentation with no hidden charges or information. We understand that the responsibility of relocation is huge, and we give our 100% to make it work. We sign proper contracts before starting the work. 

International office relocation

We not only offer domestic relocation services but also we offer international moving services as well. We have proper transportation and eligible team members to serve our clients internationally. 

Door-to-door service

We provide our clients with door-to-door service, so you will not need to worry about the complete relocation process. We will collect all the things needed to be relocated from your office's doorsteps and move all of them to the doorsteps of your new office. 

A trusted name in the market

When you are looking for a reliable relocation company in Hong Kong, we are here at your service. We not only offer high-quality service to our customers but are also one of the leading names in the market with proper licenses and several certifications of excellence. It reflects the trustworthiness of our company. 

Services we offer 

Being one of the leading relocation companies in Hong Kong, we offer a wide variety of services to our customers. Here we have mentioned our services in brief. 

Overseas relocation

We have been offering overseas relocation services to our customers for more than 20 years. We understand how much professionalism is required for this purpose, and our team members are highly experienced and professional. Being a responsible relocation company in Hong Kong, We offer shipping services from Hong Kong to other foreign countries and vice versa. We have relocated offices in several countries across the globe, such as the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Africa, Canada, and even Asian countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. 

Car shipping

Besides house and office relocation, we offer our customers 100% safe and reliable car shipping service. Regardless of which car you need to ship, we have a perfect solution for everyone. Not only do we offer proper documentation to our customers, but also we provide our customers with insurance coverage as well. We ship Luxurious cars, Vintage cars, Limousines, Karts, Classic cars, Motorcycles, Boats, etc.

Warehousing and distribution

We have fully advanced, spacious and computerized warehousing facilities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Here we offer long-term and short-term storage distribution services and besides that, we also offer storage insurance coverage to our customers.

Sea Freight Forwarding

We are dedicated to our customers and to meet their requirements, we offer comprehensive global freight and transportation services. Not only the company facilitates the entire freight forwarding process, we also provide our customers with insurance and custom clearance services as well. With us, you can enjoy seamless door-to-door/port-to-port office relocation. 

Air Freight Forwarding

Being the leading relocation company in Hong Kong, we believe in on-time delivery service and for that, we have faith in air freight. As we have a network expanded across the globe, customers can enjoy our amazing office relocation services at a reasonable price. It is not only about freight services but also warehousing and delivering services along with Insurance and customs clearance service. 

Road transport services

If you are looking for a reliable relocation company in Hong Kong for road transport purposes, we are right here for you. With our highly-experienced drivers alongside us, we offer efficient and reliable relocation services along with insurance and customs clearance services to our customers.


We, the most reliable relocation company, also offer co-packing services. If you are willing to save some time and money, Regal World is the right choice for you. We offer bar-code label application, shrink wrapping, gift packing, shelf-ready packaging, clip strips, hand assembly, etc., services to our customers. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I find companies that relocate?

You can find several companies for relocation purposes on Google, but you will need to do your research to find a reliable one. It is always best to go for a company that has a good

 reputation in the market. 

How much does it cost to move house in Hong Kong? 

If you are willing to assign a relocation company in Hong Kong, it can cost something around HKD5,500 per hour. The cost also depends on the number of goods you are willing to relocate and how far you are willing to relocate your house. 

What is a moving company called?

A moving company is usually called a relocation company that relocates goods from one place to another. It can also be called packers and movers services as well.

Office Relocation Company Introduce

Regal World also offers door to door overseas relocation and vehicle import/export services and handles freight for the Hong Kong government. Recently Regal World has become a partner of Ge-TS, handing import/export electronic declarations.

Regal World has set up offices in the main ports and cities on the mainland in order to maximize the tremendous business opportunities that emerged following the mainland's accession to the World Trade Organization. Overseas SMEs are ready to trade and invest on the mainland and are eager to explore this huge market.

Regal World provides a one-stop option for overseas SMEs, offering sourcing, transportation and documentation, plus other delivery and logistics-related services.