Logistics Warehouse

利嘉國際航運有限公司 - 提供物流倉儲(Logistics Warehouse)、貨代、多式運輸、庫存管理、清關及保險等服務。

Logistics Warehouse Service

According to a logistics company to service functions as the main feature, other features to the extension of logistics services in different conditions, divided into: transportation-based logistics company, warehouse-based logistics companies and integrated service-oriented logistics company.

Completed in accordance with their own logistics companies and commitment to the logistics business, or entrust others to carry out operations, logistics companies can be divided into self-care logistics companies and logistics agency. Logistics is often said that the company take care of themselves logistics companies, it can further be divided according to business.

Logistics agents can also be in accordance with the scope of logistics business agent, into an integrated logistics agency and functional logistics agency, functional logistics agency, including transport agent (ie freight forwarding company), warehousing agents (position on behalf of the company) and distribution processing agents and so on.