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Regal World Transport is your trusted partner for office and company relocation. Our well-trained team would take care of all the hassles for your next big step.

Shifting from one country to another is always hectic work. We need to take care of everything, from packing our goods to safely arranging them at our destination. The head of the company takes responsibility for everything, but when you are relocating your company overseas, there will be other responsibilities other than transportation. So, our relocation company takes away the most stressful parts of your relocation and handles it ourselves. Our goal is to satisfy every customer and serve them with the best packing and relocation service. We will ensure that your office is relocated without any hassles or disruptions.

Office relocations have become common today because of globalization. The advancement of technologies has also helped to make relocating easier. Though it is a stressful job, Regal World Transport makes it seamless and swift. We offer our services, including relocations across countries or states. We extend our services to many countries from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Europe, Asia, East Mediterranean, West Mediterranean, USA, India, the Gulf, and Pakistan. Regardless of the mode of transportation, our company extends our services and we charge you a very reasonable and flexible cost to meet your expectations.

Packing and Moving

Our experienced team has improved themselves in packing all types of goods. There are many types of packing processes, depending on the type and material of an item. Important and complicated goods like computers, office equipment, high-end servers, files, records, furniture, and electronic systems require high-quality and rigid material to pack them. Meanwhile, delicate items like glass and historical pieces need a higher level of attention with packing and transport. Our team's experience helps us to understand the packing method suitable for an item. That experience also helps us in cutting the charges wherever possible. Our company has adopted many packing modes like HD foam packing, anti-static packing, vacuum packing, etc. We work on improving our materials using the latest technology. We also look into innovating our packing materials to make it easier and flexible to pack the goods for your office relocation.

A proper plan and execution can simplify the work. We always study the products; we check the dimensions, structure, stiffness, and material of every object. All these factors are necessary for deciding the packing method of the goods. We pack all the items safely in cartons using various techniques. We label every packed item and place them accordingly. We hand you a copy of the written list of the objects we have arranged for further transport. We also keep a copy ourselves to double-check the goods at every stage of transportation. In addition, we secure the goods from any theft. Shipping the items is the easiest part of the whole process. We own ten operating container tractors with Hong Kong and China licenses. Our company has also partnered with another company that manages the import and export of electronic declarations.

Contact Us

Regal World Transport is one of the most trusted companies for relocations in Hong Kong with 21 years of experience in this field. You can completely trust in our work. All you have to do is reach out online. You can contact us through either phone or email. You can call us at +852 81327092 or email us at http://enquiry@regalworld.com.hk. You can ask us any questions by submitting the inquiry form. If you are happy with our services and want to place an order directly, you can fill out the online quote form available on our website http://www.regalworld.com.hk/landing.htm. We will reach out to you within two working days and give you further assistance.

Why Choose Regal World Transport? 

Our experience and dedication towards our work have been our key to becoming a successful company. We have withstood many challenges in the past 21 years. It helped us gain more experience and grow further. Whether it’s a single machine or a whole office relocation, we do our best in every step to satisfy our customers. We are a one-stop destination for all your office relocation needs. You can trust us with our work because we give you the documentation and logistic-related official papers. Trust our services and give us a call!

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Provides immigration transportation services such as Office Relocation, Relocation and International Relocation.


Provides immigration transportation services such as Office Relocation, Relocation and International Relocation.


Office Relocation Company- Regal World Transport


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Regal World also offers door to door overseas relocation and vehicle import/export services and handles freight for the Hong Kong government. Recently Regal World has become a partner of Ge-TS, handing import/export electronic declarations.

Regal World has set up offices in the main ports and cities on the mainland in order to maximize the tremendous business opportunities that emerged following the mainland's accession to the World Trade Organization. Overseas SMEs are ready to trade and invest on the mainland and are eager to explore this huge market.

Regal World provides a one-stop option for overseas SMEs, offering sourcing, transportation and documentation, plus other delivery and logistics-related services.